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The office layouts on the right were designed and built for prominent business's across the USA.

They range from simple, to very large systems. Hopefully, these layouts will give you some ideas of what your office panel system can look like.

Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow office workers to have a little more privacy, which theoretically will allow these workers to focus better on their respective tasks. What we offer at LC Enteprises is a very cost effective way to accomplish this goal. We have the lowest price of any manufacturer of this kind of product. However, getting this information to the consumers is a challenge.

Google is currently 80% of the search engine market, and we seldom appear at the top of the website rankings. Many larger panel websites rank higher than our website. There prices are much higher, and so, we wonder if they are getting any orders. However, their popularity on the search engines is undeniable. This seems to be due to the number of pages and links contained in the website. If a person types "Office partitions, panels", into the google search engine, we come up on page 1. However, if the person types: "Office partitions, panels, cubicles" into the google search engine, we appear back on page 5.

Some folks type "office walls, office cubicles", or just plain "cubicles", and we're not sure where we end up. We're so far back, that it's too hard to look for our website.

The keywords and phrases that we can think of would be: Office panels, office partitions, office walls, office dividers, panels, partitions, walls, dividers, room dividers, room walls, room partitions, room panels, cubicles, office cubicles, room cubicles, modular walls, modular cubicles, modular dividers, modular walls, modular panels, temporary walls, temporary panels, temporary cubicles, temporary partitions, temporary dividers. Beyond that, we can't think of any other words that a potential customer would type into a search field. Now, it seems we are adding words and text to our website, which doesn't help our customers. We are simply trying to increase our rankings with the search engines, in an effort to find customers. Such is the animal. We hope you will understand the nature of running a business on the internet, and tolerate the redundant information, useless text, and links to everything. We know that this does not really optimize the website for our customers. However, it can help to optimize our rankings, which helps customers find our website. In the end, we want to stay in business, and we must adapt to the search engine monsters, or perish. As aforementioned, such is the animal.

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On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Window office panels, with blacked out windows, to provide that "secretive" image

2) A short "doggy door" so that you can slip away, unnoticed, and reappear, like magic.

3) A high speed blender so you can make your "green juice" during breaks

4) Rockm Sockm robot game built into a panel, so you can play, to increase the creative juices

5) A library of physics books on the panel shelves, to intimidate a listener while you talk.

6) Speakers built into the office panels, with a recording of "Hemi Sync" so you can get your OBE.

7) Clap on, clap off, disco ball at the top of the cubicle, with a recording of She Bob, by Cyndi Lauper.

8) An "in box" that has papers stacked to the ceiling, to prevent more work from coming in.

9) A full size lifelike wax figure of the Pope, in your cubicle, to insure visitors mind their manners.

10) A deluxe office chair with dual rocket engines, and a GPS programmed for Dairy Queen

Funny cubicle thoughts:
Transforming two offices into five, with LC office panels, for Barry company
Basic window panels with a door, for Barry University
Office partitions showing five offices and a customer entry, for Beaudoin Company
Office cubicles with return panels, for Bender company
Office room dividers forming three offices within a larger warehouse, for Body N Touch
Conference and meeting room  using office window panels with shipping cart, for Bose Systems
These panels were a combination of stainless steel and polywall surfaces
Combination of acrylic panels, and a shipping crate on wheels. This setup travels


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