LC E-Panel: This panel is equipped with two large square steel 2" x 2" electrical conduits with 6 universal ports (3 on each side of the panel). The ports are covered with attractive covers and will accept standard electrical hardware. We can prewire them, or your electrician can supply wiring and outlets to suit your needs. He can run 110 volt or higher voltages if necessary, and he can run telephone, and computer (digital) network wiring, or any combination. These E-Panels will interconnect with standard LC Panels so that you only run your wires where you need them. Thus, keeping your costs down.
office partition with electrical conduits showing an angled connection
office panel with prewired electricl conduits

Standard E Panels: Up to 4'x6' $219. Larger, up to 4'x10' $249

E Panels can carry power and data lines
Prewired E-Panels. These panels can carry electricity in 2"x2" conduits. We prewire the lower conduit as shown above using standard male/female plugs on each end. One panel can be "plugged into" the next panel. Once connected, the plugs and wires can be pushed back into the panel conduit for a clean appearance. Many panels can be connected together this way. The first panel can get power by plugging it into a wall outlet, or extension cord. In a modern world where you may have a wireless router for your computer systems, you may not need the upper conduit. These panels can be made with a single conduit if needed and saves $5 per panel. For prewiring, add $47 per panel. Standard wiring unless specified is 14 ga for 15 amp breakers.
We have connectors ("Hi-Lo left", or Hi-Lo right") that will allow you to attach tall panels to shorter ones.
The Standard LC Panel (shown) can actually be connected anywhere along the face of E-Panels by using our T-Connectors. A whole series of standard panels can be attached along both sides of this line of E-Panels if desired.
office panels showing wiring connection holes
E-Panels come equipped with standard 7/8" ID holes for wiring. These may be enlarged for bigger wire applications. Two heavy duty square steel conduits 2"x 2" will carry electricity, telephone and digital cable, or any combination. The bottom edge of the lowest conduit is 16 1/2" from floor.
Power pole
Four office panels in a star formation with power pole
A typical power pole is a 2" square metal tube. High voltage is run throught the tube. Low voltage like telephone and digital cable generally come "shielded", and can be run through the same tube. If you need a special design, let us know, and we'll try to make it for you. $69 each, up to 10 feet lengths. Taller poles can cost a bit more.
Power Pole - allows power to come from the ceiling, and into the LC E panel
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On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Black and red tigerskin velvet surface, to raise the excitment level of the cubicle.

2) Taller 108" cubicle walls to increase the privacy of your cubicle

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4) Battleship game built into one cubicle wall, so that you can play, "Sink your Battleship" with a co-worker.

5) Mini, golf tee and hole, so that you can stimulate the creative juices by swinging the golf club in the mornings

6) Cubicle periscope, so that you can monitor the activities of the entire office.

7) Clap on, clap off, foot massager at the base of your cubicle desk

8) Automatic voice that says "Thats a great idea" whenever you state a new idea or suggestion in your cubicle

9) Remote controlled stun device in your cubicle guest chair, in case a visitor overstays their welcome.

10) Full size La Z boy recliner on powered wheels, instead of that tiny office chair.

Funny cubicle thoughts:
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large office panel with electrical conduits

Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow office workers to have a little more privacy, which theoretically will allow these workers to focus better on their respective tasks. What we offer at LC Enteprises is a very cost effective way to accomplish this goal. We have the lowest price of any manufacturer of this kind of product. However, getting this information to the consumers is a challenge.

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Large E-panel. This custom E-panel was made for a customer who wanted the conduits to be placed lower in the panel. We can actually put the conduits at any height specified by the customer
Standard E Panels: These panels are supplied with single or dual conduits but are not prewired. This way, the end user can have them wired by their electrician for their specific application. The conduits are large at 2"x2" square, and will accomodate very high voltages. Normally, the high voltage is carried in the lower conduit, and low voltage, such as telephone or computer wires are carried in the upper conduit. Any sort of standard electrical hardware should fit the conduit ports.
Prewired E Panels: add $47 per panel
Single conduit panels: subtract $10 per panel
Prewired E-Panel with an acryilc window (and protective film) at the top
office partitions showing electrical  raceways
Companion websites: LC Cubicles website and LC Panels website

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