Core: ASTM D1929

Cloth: CA TB 117

We can put an acrylic window, anywhere in the panel. Any size, any color, even mirrored.

We can make L-cuts to clear your ledges or pipes

We can add electrical passthroughs to accomodate your electrical cords.

We can "ANGLE" the top for attic applications.

In other words, we make the panels to fit your needs.

Up to 4'x6' $129
Up to 4'x10' $209
Advanced Lightweight Design
brown woven fabric creme woven fabric red woven fabric navy woven fabric
heather grey woven fabric blue woven fabric purple woven fabric black woven fabric
Textured woven fabric colors
Med. Blue
office partition in grey fabric
Standard LC Partition. This panel consists of a solid foam core, that is fire rated, waterproof and sound absorbant. We use a fire resistant textured cloth surface for the exterior, and finally, we use a specially extruded 6063 airscraft grade aluminum frame, with an anodized surface. The anodizing creates a very hard, attractive surface that will not chip, crack or peel. Each panel is 2.25" thick.
• Lightweight: A medium sized 4'x6' panel only weighs 12.5 lbs.
• Sound Absorbant: A 4'x6' panel is rated at .36 NRC
Tackable: The surface will accept pins, tacks, and post-it notes
• Waterproof: There is nothing in the panel that water can degrade
• Custom sized: We make them to your size specifications.
Sizes; custom sizes up to 4'x6' only $129 each
Sizes; between 4'x6' and 4'x10" only $209 (LC Supersize)
LC panels can be oriented to stand horizontal or vertical or any combination. All sides can connect. They can easily and quickly connect to each other from any side, at any angle, in any configurations, vertical or horizontal, or stand alone using our LC Connector legs. These panels will beautifully accent your office or room. Perfect for telemarketing applications or for an office that gets rearranged from time to time. LC Panels are designed for the businessperson who wants to quickly divide up an office without spending a fortune. No tools or assembly required. These panels are easy to carry and set-up with "snap-on" connectors, and move or rearrange later if needed. LC Panels are strong and attractive enough to be permanent if so desired. Each LC Panel is assembled using removeable screws. You can actually take the panel apart and remove the cloth for washing (or replacing) and put the cloth back on once it's clean.You can actually hit a panel with a hammer and the dent will not show through the cloth since the cloth (a stretch fabric) normally springs right back to it's original flat surface.
125 htz
250 htz
500 htz
1000 htz
2000 htz
4000 htz
Room decay rate
Decay rate w/panel

Absorbed by panel

NRC (noise reduction coefficient) test data for standard LC Panel (Size tested; 4'x6')
Standard LC panel rating: .36 NRC
Notice the good absorbtion qualities between 1000 htz and 2000 htz. This is the frequency found most prevailant in a typical office environment..
The NRC test is nationally recognized as a standard scientific test to determine how much sound an object absorbs. Test procedures are as follows:

A sound frequency is generated (with a tone generator) inside a room. The sound signal is cut, and the sound "decay" is measured. (how long it takes for the sound to die). This test is done for 6 frequencies: 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 htz. The rate of sound decay is noted for each sound frequency (baseline decay rates)

Then, the panel is placed inside the room. The same test is performed again, at the same 6 frequencies. The new decay rates are noted.

The new decay rates are shorter (in fractions of seconds) because the panel will absorb some sound. You calculate the difference between the baseline decay rates and the new rates, and the difference (in %) is what the panel absorbed for each frequency. Then you calculate the average of the middle 4 frequencies for a final result. This is the NRC acoustic rating.

About the NRC Test

Although the LC panel absorbs sound well, in it's standard form, there are cases where extra sound absorbtion might be needed, as in sound recording rooms, etc. We can offer this feature.

Extra sound absorbtion. LC Panels can be equipped with our special "sound boards" laminated under the cloth surface if desired. This surface absorbs sound well, and blocks sound transfer because the weight of the panel is tripled. The result is a .46 NRC rating which equates to a 25% increase in sound absorbtion. Great sound blockage. The charge is $69 extra per panel.

office panels for art display
office panels for trade show display
LC panels can be "stacked" as shown above. The metal stands used in this layout were custom-made units: 1"x2" steel rectangular tubing, painted white, nice and strong, ($61 each). This display system was made for "Monday Enterprises" and can be snapped together in about 15 minutes.
Notice the LC Full Acrylic panels ($319 each, any size up to 4'x8'). The use of maroon and medium blue fabric (above) is attractive
office partition in baby blue
office partition in purple with black frame
office partition in blue with black frame
office partition with "L" cut for desk
desk panels for telemarketing
office partition with angle cut top
These are L-shaped panels. (add $20 for L shape) These can be snapped onto a desk or table. Part of the panel can extend to the floor if desired (as shown). You specify the size (up to certain maximums), and the "cutout" size, then color or surface, and we'll make your panels.
Need a custom color? Here are some examples of some solid colors that we can provide. The panel frames are anodized aluminum, silver or black, which will never chip, crack, or peel. Going in the attic? We can make angled cuts.. Add $30 per panel
office panel with electrical passthrough port
closeup view of electrical passthrough port
closed door with fram
open door with frame
Need a pass-through port for extension cords, video cameras, or maybe a pipe. No problem. Here is an example of a 2 inch diameter pass through hole. The flange hardware is removable, in case you wish to enlarge the hole later. We can put this pass through anywhere in the panel core. The cost is $20 extra per panel.
We offer doors w/frames. ($350 for 30"W, $375 for 36"W) The frames are made from heavy 2'x2'x.125" steel tubing, mig-welded at all intersections, very strong. Normally painted with light grey epoxy paint for durability. There is a 4" header at the top. The door comes with a lockable knob and keys. We make the door frames quite strong because the door is a standard door, not a flimsy lightweight. This way, if it ever gets damaged, you can get a standard replacement door locally. (Home Depot or Lowes).
office panel with rectangular tinted window
large office panel with half window at top
office partition with window and electical conduits
LC Acrylic panels. Shown are examples of acrylic panels. Semi or full sizes, double or single pane. We can put the acrylic inside the panel in any size, and any location within the panel. Acrylic is available in clear, smoked, various colors, translucent or opaque. Here's a price example: $289 for a 4'x8", up to 1/2 acrylic. Add $30 for double pane version.
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On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Black and red tigerskin velvet surface, to raise the excitment level of the cubicle.

2) Taller 108" cubicle walls to increase the privacy of your cubicle

3) Bigger, more powerful shredder so that we can shred a phone book, just for entertainment.

4) Battleship game built into one cubicle wall, so that you can play, "Sink your Battleship" with a co-worker.

5) Mini, golf tee and hole, so that you can stimulate the creative juices by swinging the golf club in the mornings

6) Cubicle periscope, so that you can monitor the activities of the entire office.

7) Clap on, clap off, foot massager at the base of your cubicle desk

8) Automatic voice that says "Thats a great idea" whenever you state a new idea or suggestion in your cubicle

9) Remote controlled stun device in your cubicle guest chair, in case a visitor overstays their welcome.

10) Full size La Z boy recliner on powered wheels, instead of that tiny office chair.

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office panel with sliding window
Here is an example of a sliding window panel, with a screen. We can put these windows anywhere in the panel, and many sizes are available, usually in 12" increments. This panel also features our E-panel conduits for electrical power. Lot's of labor involved, we charge $379 for up to a 4'x8', not counting the conduits.
Notice this large acrylic panel.We still have the protective film over the acrylic. This panel has double electrical conduits mounted low in the panel, and overall, it measures 6'x6'.
shipping cart for office partition system closed
shipping cart for office partition system, open
Custom Carts, sometimes you need one especially for shipping or trade show displays. We design these carts to load/unload quickly. There is no size limit. We can make them any size, vertical (to reduce the warehouse footprint) or horizontal. We make them easy to load/unload, and they can be lockable. They can even be stackable if needed. We normally employ a metal frame with painted wood siding. They are strong, and economical. Prices can range from $700 to $1500 for the really big ones. It all depends upon what your needs are.
Companion websites: LC Cubicles website and LC Panels website
Angle top panels. These panels can be made with almost any angle specified. Several can be connected together such as these panels created for Exit Realty in Corpus Christy, Texas.
office partiton window designs

Here is an expample of our acrylic framing. This fits inside of our aluminum panel framing. We have a single pane design, and a double pane design. The double pane blocks sound better. The single pane costs $40 less per panel. The price varys with the amount of acrylic needed. Fax or email your preferred dimensions, and we'll quote it for you.

Single or double pane acrylic windows

office panel with dry erase board
office partition with dry erase board in upper corder
office panels with metallic green and heather grey cloth
office partition with custom notch
shipping cart for office partition system, vertical design
office parition with projection screen film
office partition with panoramic arti view
Above are some pictures of dry erase panels that we have made. As you can see, we can make the dry erase almost any size, and put it anywhere in the panel. Also shown are some really cool panels that use green metallic vinyl with charcoal cloth. We sewed them together and covered the panels with them. A series of these were done for Free Software Foundation. Very creative people over there.
Green metallic vinyl, with cloth
Here is a picture of a "notch" panel. If you have pipes or ledges in your wall, we can usually still get the panel to fit that wall.
We can print almost anything on fabric, at $20-30 per yard. That fabric can be used in our LC Panel. Your artwork or pictures can be used. It can be removed for machine washing, if needed. Big panoramic views can be created. On the other hand, we can also print the pictures on a plastic surface, if sound absorbtion is not a big issue.
Any of our Acrylic panels can be fitted with a projection screen film. This allows you to be able to see through the panel (although the view is somewhat blurry), but the acrylic will be able to capture animated video from a video projector. It's a great way to stop traffic, attract attention, and create a unique atmosphere.
black acoustic fabric dark brown acoustic fabric camel acoustic fabric tan acoustic fabric burgundy acoustic fabric
red acoustic fabric green 1 acoustic fabric green 2 acoustic fabric green 3 acoustic fabric green 4 acoustic fabric
green 5 acoustic fabric green 6 acoustic fabric green 7 acoustic fabric charcoal acoustic fabric blue 1 acoustic fabric
blue 2 acoustic fabric baby blue acoustic fabric blue 4 acoustic fabric blue 5 acoustic fabric blue 6 acoustic fabric
navy blue acoustic fabric white acoustic fabric ivory acoustic fabric sand acoustic fabric ornage 1 acoustic fabric
orange 2 acoustic fabric orange 3 acoustic fabric ornage 4 acoustic fabric pink 1 acoustic fabric pink 2 acoustic fabric
pink 3 acoustic fabric pink acoustic fabric purple 1 acoustic fabric purple for learning RX acoustic fabric purple 3 acoustic fabric
yellow 1 acoustic fabric yellow 2 acoustic fabric      
LC Polar Fleece non woven fabric. This fabric is about 1/8" thick and is more sound absorbant than any woven fabric. It is also hydrophobic, meaning that it does not absorb liquids. This makes it especially good for panels since it repels liquid stains. Like our woven fabrics, it can be cleaned with soap and water, and is machine washable. LC Polar Fleece is made from recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is considered "green".
Dk Brown
Hunter Grn
Heather gry
Baby Blue
Navy blue
Purple LRx

No fancy color names; Being mostly men, we can't figure out fancy color names like "Chartreuse", "Periwinkle", "Fusia", "Mauve", "Burlywood", "Coral" etc. Therefore, we have our simple system of color names, real plain.

desk shelf designs
Desk Toppers. These are handy shelf units that sit on your desk to increase your desk space. We can make these in any shape, double deckers, etc. No holes are required for mounting. They can be installed or taken off anytime. They weight around 30 lbs, and are very strong, holding several hundred pounds is no problem. They are quite handy for large printers, scanners, office supplies, etc. The shelf is normally a white melamine surface, with a black circumferential rubber bumper, and the frame can be painted any color. $165 each for most average sizes. Really big ones cost more.
desk shelf
office partitions with dual colors brown and red
office partitions with dual colors white and green
Two Tone panels. The is a simple process where we cut the cores with a complex hand drawn curve, and upholster the cores with two different colors. This can yield a very attactive and unique look. Any two colors can be used. We can even insert a third color in there. In this industry, most panels are fairly boring to look at. So, this is a way for the panels to make more of a statement about your business or image. This work adds to the labor cost, but not much. Each cut costs $25. So, for a two tone panel, the additional cost is $25. For three colors, the additional cost is $50, and so on.
dual color office partition system
10 foot tall office panel system with video screen
ten foot tall office partition system with doors and windows
Two tone panels with...decorations
US Army, Fort Polk, Louisiana. 10' tall LC acoustic panel system, with dry erase boards built into the panels.
This system was basically a very large rectangle spanning 80'x100', with 12 large internal rooms. We built nine enclosed shipping carts on wheels, in case they wish to move this system to a different base.
Notice the large double pane acrylic windows and lockable doors
Some nice photos and happy customers
Simulated brick surface, with blue fabric on the other side, for Catalyst Designs.
office panel with laminate surface and window
Dual Laminate panel. This one uses a wood laminate on the bottom, a beige laminate in the middle, and a window at the top. The height is 10 feet. Special design for Texas A&M University. Price was $575 each.
office panel with red naugahyde surface
Red naugahyde surface supplied by customer, black frames and conduits. This was prewired too. Nice unique look.
door with a window in it
Simple flat panel door with a window in it.
office partition system with doors and windows1
custom office panels with electrical conduits
beautiful office panel system for Texas A&M university
Texas A&M installed our LC panel system, and it looks good. We supplied contoured doors
Texas A&M project included these LC E panels.
multi colors acoustic partition system
custom window panels with black fabric
office partitions with black fabric
Thank you Stephen Cross at Bardex Corporation for these nice shots. This is a multicolored system using our acoustic fabric
Thank you Dena Brennan at FRD Communications for these photos. Dena went with our "Cracked Ice" acrylic windows with a charcoal woven fabric. They looked so good, we almost kept them for ourselves.
office partition system with door and window
conference room using LC custom office panels
Pictures from Unitarian Universalist Congregation in McHenry IL. Thank you Annette Jasiota. Nice installation. Notice in the upper picture, we added a window to the door.
office panels with blue fabric and silver frames
nice office panel system
Allstate Insurance in Miami FL just needed some tall partitions to provide some extra privacy and sound reduction. Thank you Roxana Soto for those photos.
multi colors acoustic rated panels
Eurotec Vertical Flight Solution built this beautiful trade show booth using LC panels. They also added elements of their own to produce this very professional booth.
University of North Texas used this striking colors and dry erase surfaces. Notice the blacked out door. Thank you Brian Mcfarlin for these nice pictures.
These are 4'x6' magnetic dry erase panels going to Art Batalia at Zion Elementary School in Zion, IL. The magnetic surface is on both sides. Fairly heavy, but should last forever. Cost was $549 each.
Office panel systems present issues that you may not have thought of. See LC Cubicles to explore these issues

LC Custom Office Panel Systems