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office panel system with windows
If you can imagine it,
we can build it!
• Any size panels, up to 4'x10'.
• Any surface material.
• Notches, L-cuts, holes,.

Core: ASTM D1929

Cloth: CA TB 117
office panel with laminate surface
Smooth Surface Panels
Nice laminates, coroplast, polywall, stainless steel. almost any style or surface.
office partition system with electrical conduits
E-Panels are equipped with two large conduits for low and high voltage applications. E-Panels can be mixed with LC standard panels.
• Doors, windows, etc.
office partiton with window and electrical passthrough port
Acrylic Panels
Almost any size window, anywhere in the panel. Notice the simple electrical passthrough at the bottom
(Acrylic protective film in place)
office panels on wheels
Panels on wheels
LC Trucks can be snapped under any LC Panel. The LC panel can be oriented vertical or horizontal. One set fits any side.
custom office panel with wild blue fabric
Special Patterns
Tie dyed, snake skin, fur, palm trees, etc. We can probably get, whatever surface/pattern you desire.

LC partitions are lightweight and waterfriendly,. Nothing to rust or degrade.

Cloth surface accepts tape, "post it" notes, thumb tacks, etc. (Tackable)

Easily rearranged and reconnected for your changing office needs.

Sturdy aircraft 6063 aluminum frame construction, fully anodized, with a beautiful textured woven cloth fabric over a solid sound absorbant core.

Quality construction, and Manufacturers direct pricing

Over 2000 customers, in every state in the USA are using LC panels

You tell us: size, color, surface type, and we'll make your panels
363 W 3rd St., Perris, CA 92570
(951) 940 6068 Business, (951) 657 0180 Facsimile
Email us!
office panel grey with silver frame
office partition blue with black frame
Standard Panels
Lightweight 12-15 lbs, 2.25" thick, almost any size or color you specify. Cloth surface is tackable, and absorbs sound .36 NRC rating.
Up to 4'x10' $209
1. No wood in our cores (wood can warp as it dries, and is flammable).
2. No plastic in the frames (plastic can get brittle and the color can change with UV from flourescent lights over time. Aluminum is much better)
3. We typically have the lowest price for your project.
4. The LC panel is designed to be lightweight, and easy to handle and ship.
5. We make the panel sizes you specify for a custom fit, every time.
6. The .36 NRC sound rating is higher than our competition for less money.
7. LC partition systems assemble/disassemble faster than any other system.
8. More versatile; all sides connect, they can be even be stacked.
9. LC panels look good.
10. Waterfriendly. You can even clean them with a garden hose, no problem.
11. No tools required for installation. Connectors just snap into place
12. We can mix surfaces/colors. Dry erase/cloth, Acrylic/chalkboard, etc.
13. We can assist in selling them for you if you don't need them anymore.
14. Our typical short lead times are much faster than our competition.
15. 100% made in the USA, all raw materials and labor, everything.
15 Good reasons why LC panels should be your choice

For Government buyers, we are registered with the Central Contractors Registration (CCR)

ballistic armored office panel
Bullet resistant
LC Armored panels use ballisic grade fiberglass, and are bullet resistant to various NIJ standards. Several levels of protection are available.
Desks, chairs, tables, etc. available at: National Business Furniture

For conventional panels, compare LC Panels, our prices, our custom work, and our speed with any competitors:

Funny cubicle thoughts: (designed to increase our ranking with Google)

On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Video camera/monitor that watches the boss, so you can see his whereabouts and mood.

2) Lockable one-way reflective glass door, so you can see who wishes enter into your cubicle.

3) Special cubicle hammock, that swings out for use in the afternoons.

4) TV monitor mounted in the ceiling, complete with satellite reception and a remote.

5) Cubicle sound machine, that generates typical office sounds, coming from your cubicle.

6) Direct cubicle intercom that enables vocal contact to your best friend, in the other cubicle.

7) Private secretary that actually performs all of the work that the cubicle dweller is supposed to do.

8) Special cubicle disco ball and music that turns on, whenever you think of something great.

9) Special cubicle clock that starts your shift 30 minutes late, and ends 30 minutes early (maybe 45).

10) Coffee/cappucino machine built into cubicle wall

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Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow office workers to have a little more privacy, which theoretically will allow these workers to focus better on their respective tasks. What we offer at LC Enteprises is a very cost effective way to accomplish this goal. We have the lowest price of any manufacturer of this kind of product. However, getting this information to the consumers is a challenge.

Google is currently 80% of the search engine market, and we seldom appear at the top of the website rankings. Many larger panel websites rank higher than our website. There prices are much higher, and so, we wonder if they are getting any orders. However, their popularity on the search engines is undeniable. This seems to be due to the number of pages and links contained in the website. If a person types "Office partitions, panels", into the google search engine, we come up on page 1. However, if the person types: "Office partitions, panels, cubicles" into the google search engine, we appear back on page 5.

Some folks type "office walls, office cubicles", or just plain "cubicles", and we're not sure where we end up. We're so far back, that it's too hard to look for our website.

The keywords and phrases that we can think of would be: Office panels, office partitions, office walls, office dividers, panels, partitions, walls, dividers, room dividers, room walls, room partitions, room panels, cubicles, office cubicles, room cubicles, modular walls, modular cubicles, modular dividers, modular walls, modular panels, temporary walls, temporary panels, temporary cubicles, temporary partitions, temporary dividers. Beyond that, we can't think of any other words that a potential customer would type into a search field. Now, it seems we are adding words and text to our website, which doesn't help our customers. We are simply trying to increase our rankings with the search engines, in an effort to find customers. Such is the animal. We hope you will understand the nature of running a business on the internet, and tolerate the redundant information, useless text, and links to everything. We know that this does not really optimize the website for our customers. However, it can help to optimize our rankings, which helps customers find our website. In the end, we want to stay in business, and we must adapt to the search engine monsters, or perish. As aforementioned, such is the animal.

Sales office hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm M-F, Pacific time
Brief summary of LC Panels

Hopefully this verbal information will help you to realize what do and what we offer.

Screenflex office partition picture
LC Enterprises is an authorized reseller of Screenflex panels. For more information, please "click" the picture link below
Our other products: ThermoCap, ThermoStick, Guerilla Inventor, Big Lou Guitar PowerCraft, LifeKick Time Machine and Office panels
Desk with overhead shelf
Desk Topper
The LC Desk topper is a storage shelf placed on top of a desk or table. These are strong (supports 200 lbs.) and basically doubles the capacity of your desktop. Large printers, fax machine, scanners etc. can be placed on top. No desk installation holes required. Any size and almost any shape can be made.
Mobile solar generator
LC Enterprises is a green company. We are powered by our own custom designed "PowerCraft" mobile solar generator. This generator supplies electrical power to our entire facility and turns the meter backwards during the day.
For all those service companies trying to "analyze" the credit card statements, here are the current statements.
Close up photos
office panel close up view
close up of LC office panel top
office partition close up view
office partition leg
Notice that the LC Leg is flat, and does not significantly elevate the panel. Nor can someone trip over it. It never gets loose (not one since 1998), and it just snaps into place. It can be snapped out, for easy removal if desired. It's intelligent design.
Once the system is installed with the connectors in place, the optional surface trim can be snapped on if desired for a really clean finished look. For tall systems, the trim may not be needed or desired.
This is a 3'x6' single panel on LC Legs. Notice the clean finished look. The LC Panel is specifically designed to be light, strong and good looking. With a big variety of surfaces and colors available, any "look" be achieved. Any office can be nicely complimented or themed.
Visit our sister websites that showcase office partition systems and cubicle systems. LC Cubicles address issues involved with deciding upon a good cubicle system for your office. We take in consideration, productivity, and issues that most folks never imagined. Good reading.

LC Custom office panels and partition systems

Advanced lighweight sound absorbing design

All custom made: You name the size, we'll custom make your panels

Up to 4'x6' $129
Office panel systems present issues that you may not have thought of. See LC Cubicles to explore these issues
Easy! Just click the link above, and fill out the form. Many plans available, like "0" interest for up to 90 days. Check it out!
Two Tone (multicolor) panels. Add $25 per color. Color separations can be anywhere. This is a low cost way to make a statment.

Note: Due to the strong US Military demand for ballistic panels systems, we will no longer be able to quote or take on any non-ballistic work until December 2021.

We're too busy with the current orders from the US Government right now. We're buried in work. We have re-tooled for this ballistic work. We can take on new ballistic panels orders. This is what we are concentrating on right now.

Note: Due to the strong US Military demand for ballistic panels systems, we will no longer be able to quote or take on any non-ballistic work until December 2017.

We're too busy with the current orders from the US Government right now. We're buried in work. We have re-tooled for this ballistic work. We can take on new ballistic panels orders. This is what we are concentrating on right now.